01-19-2007 12:21
Thank you Kelly for the speedy response. I don't think most people are aware of who is supposed to follow this forum and isn't and I think it's pretty sad that someone who isn't officially supposed to be answering questions is doing more answering than the ones who are supposed to.

Not to belittle your efforts at all, but the great thing about when Torley was answering a page or more of questions EVERY DAY was that if Torley didn't know the answer the question was FORWARDED to the correct person. Now questions that these mods don't know the answer to get completely ignored.

I know the inevitable move is to get rid of the forum, which I sincerely hope NEVER happens unless there is another TWO WAY form of getting answers online is made available. (support e-mail is most times non-responsive as is the support telephone line, and the blog is one way because only Lindens can start topics, so I'm not sure what that leaves that would be two way) Is this part of the process? Just stop answering forum questions and it will go away on it's own?

I know there are a lot of completely irrelevant questions here that cannot be answered by forum mods and really do need to go to support, but don't you think that the reason they come here is because, until the last month or so, this was a way more reliable way to get an answer than the phone or e-mail methods? Every day I read another horror story about how someone called support 6 times and never got a call back, or somone sent several support e-mails and never recieved any help.

Obviously LL needs more support helpers. People who can actually answer questions, settle billing issues, land issues, missing content questions, etc...I mean that poor person who had his account disabled and when it was admitted by LL that it was disabled by mistake and then re-enabled, and he logged in to find $109,000 L gone from his account and NOBODY is helping him with that...that is unforgiveable.

I suggested this a while ago and wondered if LL would ever consider this because it would solve several problems. Charge a YEARLY $10 US charge to all basic accounts ($10 US a year is just pennies a day, everyone should be able to afford that) It would lighten some of the financial load of the paying members, and give you over several MILLION dollars of additional revenue in which to hire, train, and pay support staff. Sure it might slow sign-ups, but a lot of the griefing would cease, and the need for new equipment would not be as rampant. If LL won't consider such a NOMINAL fee for their basic members who store just as much information in their inventories as premium members, taking up database and server space for FREE, to provide EVERYONE with better support service, I'd like an explanation as to why?

Maybe I'm a bit naive, but it seems like such an easy way to make additional revenue and provide better service and it would not inconvenience your basic members that much as it is such a low amount that they are paying yearly.

Also if this is a complete no go, what is LL doing to improve Support? Many months ago Robin posted a blog entry about improving customer service and support and nothing has really been said about it since, in the meantime the membership has doubled and support has gone down the tubes. Can we get an update on the customer service improvements?