01-19-2007 12:40
Have a look at my previous thread here,

I now have a new problem, my client is completely resetting itself like I just installed it for the first time. All the sound graphics network and other settings are all back to the defaults, i'm getting tool tips show up. This is the 3rd time.

This issue and the ones I mentioned are not listed on the blog or the known issues.

Come on guys this is getting really frustrating now. Are you trying to kill second life, cos your doing a pretty good job so far. Everywhere I go in the grid, the conversation always come back to how screwed up the grid is, and how everyone wants to leave soon if it doesnt get better.

Word of mouth is a very powerfull thing indeed. Once word gets out just how unstable the grid seems to be lately no one will want to create an account here. And how a large majority of PAYING CUSTOMERS feel like they are being totally ignored, and fobbed off with excuse after excuse.

Stop adding new features that no one really wants or cares about and fix the problems we already have.

Speak to Blizzard, im sure they could teach you a thing or two about how to solve scalability issues. And how to keep the CUSTOMER happy.