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So, land, eh?

Fenrir Reitveld
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09-04-2006 14:21
Whoops. Wrong forum.
Shack Dougall
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09-04-2006 14:27
Just out of curiosity. What kind of ISP network connection do you have? cable or DSL?
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Desmond Shang
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09-04-2006 14:30
That sounds pretty bad; I'd just finished laying out the lamps and paths for Caledon Moors last week and didn't quite have that level of trouble, though I've seen similar now and then.

Sometimes I get the 'broken prim' - a prim that I've edited, but now has some weird property about it, as if I had been messing with prim params via script. That's maybe less than 1 in 1000 prim edits though, for me.

One thing that can happen: a sim can get a lot of images cache problems from too many textures, and never reeeeaaaally recover without a restart, even if you practically empty the sim. Thus leaving you to swim around in server side lag that may or may not be noticeable if you aren't moving much.

Perhaps have the sim owner BOP the big old orange powerswitch, and see if that improves things?

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Dmitri Polonsky
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The first time....
09-04-2006 14:30
I first reported these same isues back when they upgraded to version 1.7. I have reported these same isues multiple times ince then and always get the same story. I am told no one else has these problems. I would imagine you've been told the same thing. It's been my experience in SL that submitting a bug report or sending an e-mail to support does litle if any good, and as far as mesaging live help, I ahve not received any response when doing so for close to two months now. Reposting to a liason, well usually whom you report it to tends to make a difference as well. There are a lot of them who seem to think the Linden last name on an ava is a license to tell people off or try to find and excuse and run out fast. There are a few of them who are dedicated helpers, but a lot of the time they end up frustrated to as they are told to pass on advbice that will quickly bury the isue adn let it continue in favor of all the new toys on the upgrades.