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A list of those that buy and sell island sims.

Schwanson Schlegel
SL's Tokin' Villain
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09-07-2006 15:34
This would be a place to post if you buy and sell estate sims.

Contact me if you are looking to buy or sell.

Who else is in this business?
Iron Perth
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Join date: 9 Mar 2005
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09-07-2006 19:20
I have a group, Island Owners, which is for this exact purpose.

It's basically to keep everyone aware of bugs, exploits, and any 'issues' that might arise during island ownership.

If you buy or sell sims, please send me an IM and I will send you an invite immediately, we already have quite a few island barons in the group.

Also, I have a blog, islandowners.blogspot.com where I will try to keep people up to date with island ownership issues.


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Kavai Onizuka
Spudzuka Properties
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09-07-2006 23:09
I don't know do I count as a part of this group.... however I do lease out full estate sims and sometimes I buy them from people if they need to unload fast.
Glory Takashi
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09-09-2006 04:43
I buy estates and sell/rent the land but I don't traffic in full sims if thats what you are saying.
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Jesrad Seraph
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09-09-2006 09:34
I do buy and sell islands, and rent some of it too. Iron, can you send an invite to my land-owning account Land Control ?
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