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warning to parents and cat owners

Introvert Petunia
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09-17-2005 11:47
Should your child happen to leave a half-eaten bowl of "New!® Chocolate Lucky Charms" breakfast cereal on the table, it is not, repeat NOT - despite all appearances - an indication that your child has chosen dry cat food as an alternative breakfast.

Disclaimer #1: This post is not intended to disparage the fine products of General Mills Corporation, including, but not limited to "New!® Chocolate Lucky Charms", "Chocolate Coated Sugar Bombs®", and "Cat Chow for Children®".

Disclaimer #2: For those concerned that I would allow my child to eat New!® Chocolate Lucky Charms as part of a complete breakfast, rest assured that I have already reported myself to the appropriate authorities.
Madiera Westerburg
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09-17-2005 11:49
chocolate lucky charms? <runs off to grab a box>is there marshmallows in it too?
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Chosen Few
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09-17-2005 11:55
Chocolate Lucky Charms? Hmm, a Black Irish breakfast?

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Introvert Petunia
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09-17-2005 12:09
Yes, in fact the box displays and contains marshmallowy objects which were inexplicably missing from the above photo. It does not, however contain any discernable smiling leprechans, for which I have already submitted complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the Food & Drug Administration, and for purposes of completeness, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Cereals.
Aces Spade
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09-17-2005 12:11
ROFL i am laughing my ass off here :) Ty for sharing
From: someone
Posted by ZsuZsanna Raven
So where is the "i don't give a shit'' option?