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Moss Talamasca
Serpent & Thistle
Join date: 20 Aug 2005
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09-17-2005 08:19
I check the forums every other day (unlike the rest of you~ Sheesh) and get inundated by the New Posts search. Surely there's a way to filter the content. Half these forums i'm not even interested in (Neualtenburg Projekt, New Products - Body Shop, Employment Ops & Help Wanted).

Whad'ya think? Fantanstic forum filter feature?
Madiera Westerburg
waiting for apocolypse :D
Join date: 6 Apr 2004
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09-17-2005 11:54
not interested in new products? gah that is an affront to shoppers everywhereeeee :D
"Unfortunately you cant wipe them out of existence... merely hide the drivel they have to spew"- Kris Ritter

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