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ReallyRick Metropolitan
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09-15-2005 16:53
Congrats to Katt Kongo! So glad to see SL contiune to get so much press for the hard work and efforts, plus the generosity of its residents.

Rimble Rampal
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09-15-2005 17:36
I just read this. On the front page even!
EQII and UO are mentioned too but SL gets the bulk of the article.
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Csven Concord
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09-15-2005 17:42
Anyone spot what looks like a mistake in his comments regards SL?

(can be read one of two ways, but to an outsider probably reads the wrong way)
Katt Kongo
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09-15-2005 18:09
Yes, he referred to GOM as "Second's Life's" own currency exchange program called
Gaming Open Market."
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Hiro Pendragon
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09-15-2005 21:01
Oooh, GREAT quotables:

"For charitable activity, no virtual world matches that of "Second Life," which since its June 2003 launch has seen fundraisers for tsunami victims, the American Cancer Society and even a veterans organization, the drive for which was led by a "Second Life" resident who had served with the Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq."

""Second Life" is not an MMORPG, but an open-ended virtual world where residents are free to make of it what they will courtesy of in-house development tools and programming scripts. "

I'm printing this page! Organizers should be proud, for sure, but big congrats go out to all the people who have come forward and donated their time and money. This is a tremendous thing for Second Life to be known for!
Hiro Pendragon
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pussy Parvenu
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09-16-2005 00:46
From: Csven Concord
Anyone spot what looks like a mistake in his comments regards SL?)
He didnt mention Aimee?
Torley Linden
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09-16-2005 00:53
Oh great just what we need! This is fantastic! :)
Moopf Murray
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09-16-2005 00:55
From: pussy Parvenu
He didnt mention Aimee?

Stop it, I've just choked on my cup of tea due to you :)
Usagi Musashi
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09-16-2005 03:53
thats one heck of a thick cup of tea:)
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Lecktor Hannibal
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09-16-2005 08:42
Congrats Katt and congrats to all of us ! SL rocks.
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Aimee Weber
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09-16-2005 08:49
Congrats Katt!! Outstanding press and you deserve it :D
FlipperPA Peregrine
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09-16-2005 09:37
Awesome, and congrats Katt! Its nice to see some others getting press instead of the "Chip n Flip, Anshe n Aimee" show. :-)

They didn't ask for permission to use the graphic from SLBoutique with the t-shirt though! As tempting as it is to call a Microsoft organization on the DMCA, I think I'll let this one slide. :-)


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Roseann Flora
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09-17-2005 08:30
WTG SL and congrats Katt!
Chip Midnight
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09-17-2005 09:10
From: FlipperPA Peregrine
Awesome, and congrats Katt! Its nice to see some others getting press instead of the "Chip n Flip, Anshe n Aimee" show. :-)

Hey! Speak for yourself. :D (just kidding!). That was a really great article. Way to go Katt, and all the other Katrina fundraisers!

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Pendari Lorentz
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09-17-2005 09:12
wow!! Congratulations Katt!! And of course SL! It is so amazing to see mention of us in so many places now! :D
*hugs everyone*