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Stupid SL RSS Tricks

Satchmo Prototype
Join date: 26 Aug 2004
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09-15-2005 16:23
I was Google-Stalking SL and my AV today when I found a great way to persistantly stalk SL in both the mainstream and blogging media.

1) You need an RSS reader... I use Bloglines to feed my information addiction.

2) Browse over to Google News and search for "Second LIfe"

3) In the left column of that page right click "RSS" and choose Copy locatoin

4) Head back over to your RSS reader, and paste the RSS Feed

5) Do the same for Google Blog Search. Note the RSS links are on the bottom of this page.

Now everytime an article is published about Second Life it will head directly to your inbox. Caught this nice BBC Article on the Well Fargo game this way today. I noticed the RSS features on the Google pages before, I'm just happy to find a good use for it.

FYI: Here are Feeds to just get "Second Life" stuff if your too lazy...

Second Life Google Blogsearch

Second Life Google News Search
Zero Grace
Join date: 13 Apr 2004
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09-15-2005 17:05
Dude, that's great! Handy links-- going in my Bloglines now. Rock on!
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Ulrika Zugzwang
Magnanimous in Victory
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09-15-2005 17:10
YES! Thanks Satchmo. Excellent tip. :)

For those who are blessed with running MacOS and Safari RSS, simply click on the link below:


Satchmo Prototype
Join date: 26 Aug 2004
Posts: 1,323
09-17-2005 16:10
If you don't do RSS, you can read the feeds here.

To add to the list....

A del.icio.us feed that publishes every new del.icio.us "secondlife" tag.

A Flickr Feed that does the same.

And of course if you didn't already have it SLPICS feed

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Torley Linden
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09-17-2005 16:11
Thanks for sharing these tips, Satch!

To anyone who hasn't done this kinda schtuff yet, I'd recommend giving it a spin... it may seem kind of confusing and you may be asking yourself, "What the heck do I need this for?" After using it though, you can end up with a smile on your face. Very practical. :)

Edit: thx for setting up the Public link too, peeps are a few clicks away from finding what it's all about! :D