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Anyone wanna buy a linden?

billy Madison
Join date: 6 Jun 2004
Posts: 2,175
09-24-2005 12:33
Well tonight you can, heres the details:

Lindens to be auctioned off:

Also two of the leather bound binders/journals that linden lab gave out at the state of play conferance will be auctioned off! If you want them autographed by all the lindens, we can make that happen but will take another week before they are shipped out

Where: The sim Jaffee you will see the area at the base of the mountain
When 4pm today sept 24
How to bid: Join the group: Katrina Charity 24 sept 05

Any other questions instant message me in world. it is open attendance so make sure you get a seat early so you can see the visuals that go along with such things :) Also there will be no admission charges collect but the kiosk for the hurricane katrina fund will be onhand to collect the money and i am asking that you donate atleast 200L for your seat there! I will try to get a list of all the people that attended/payed for their ticket from LL so that i can do a random drawing at a later date so make sure you donate for your seat!
Taeja Diaz
Developmentally Delayed..
Join date: 24 Jun 2003
Posts: 107
09-24-2005 15:32
Hey Billy,

Is the party still going on afterwards? Please lemme know! :)
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billy Madison
Join date: 6 Jun 2004
Posts: 2,175
09-24-2005 15:33
yes hun, we have live music starting at 4:30 from Frogg marlow check your events thing for 4pm and 4:30
Drift Monde
Junior Member
Join date: 27 Nov 2003
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09-24-2005 21:11
Here are the results from the Auction. There was a total of $476,000 Lindens raised to go to the Katrina Charity Fund.

1 hour with the lovely Rheya Linden 1 hour - Kage (Seraph) $8kL

1 hour or was it 2 with Jack Linden - Ham Rambler $36kL

1 hour with Hamlet Linden and some bonuses - Keith Extraordinaire $51kL

Jeska Linden - Kage Seraph - $21kL

Pathfinder Linden - Baron Grayson $50kL

RL Linden Lab Logo leather journal autographed by the LL staff - billy Madison $70kL

30 minutes with Robin Linden - with a combined bid to share the time from Web Page $50kL and Kage Seraph $40kL for a total of $90kL

1 of a kind Michael Linden Fez - Jenna Fairplay $20kL

The second of the LL leather journals to be autographed and to be hand carried by Pathfinder Linden to the two SL conferences held in Oct to be signed by others (and no telling what else he does with it) - Drift Monde $130kL
Ingrid Ingersoll
Join date: 10 Aug 2004
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09-24-2005 21:13
Only a few weeks ago, it cost me 10k to fill up my tank with Linden Liaisons. Now, it's over 30k. The price of Linden Liaisons is rising at a ridiculous rate. It's all hurricane Katrina's fault. ;)
billy Madison
Join date: 6 Jun 2004
Posts: 2,175
09-25-2005 01:29
Yep, was a great event and i thank all those that made it possible!

Nolan Nash-Built a great mansion for the home of the event (check his work out he sells houses and is a really talented builder)
Polly Cassidy-She decorated the mansion with the finest of wares!
Drift Monde- from textures unlimited, provided i cant imagine how many textures for everything lol.
kim annibus-provided the seating area for the auction
Keith extraordinarie- built the stage for the auction
Taeja diaz- last minute back up book keeper(the bidding was hectic!)

Also, thanks to all the lindens that donated their time, i want to especially thank Hamlet and Pathfinder linden for their contributions!

It was a blowout event, as the post above said we raised 476k just on the items that were up for auction..thats not counting what was donated for their seat in the sim that will be tallied and posted sometime tommorrow. If you have any good idea's for a charity and maybe want to use the 2 linden owned sims for it and need help let me know and i will help the best i can in anyway that i can!