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think you lost your old webpage? Think again

rinaz bijoux
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09-21-2005 11:03
I was moaning about the loss of my old webpage as I've written a few articles and thought it would be nice to read and reflect back on the past to compare with the present.

Then I found out that the page was deleted as it wasnt updated in 60 days (wasnt nice of them) And I thought for sure that my page would be gone forever.

Then I googled around and saw an interesting link It was a web archive and just for the fun of it, I typed in my old address and I was really amazed at what I saw ... I saw my articles back again! So it wasnt lost at all.

And you can see different webpage through the years.

Do you still remember Yahoo at 1996? ?


Come see what SL looked like throughout the years :)
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Taco Rubio
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09-21-2005 11:10
I use this almost daily to find repair instructions for legacy computers, it's indespensable to me in my job (I'm a anthropologist for a travelling circus).

Thanks so much for posting it for everyone :)
Torley Linden
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09-21-2005 11:10
Hahaha... yeah, the Internet Wayback is such a wonderful treasure. Checking out Microsoft, Apple, Netscape and dot-com sites before they went BOMB is a nostalgic pleasure as well. :)

In particular the archived SL dev journals from years past are a find!
Cienna Samiam
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09-21-2005 15:56
Fun stuff. They still have my first pages archived (minus graphics of course). Proof positive that I was online before being online was cool. And old. Let's not forget horribly old. :p
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