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The Vanishing

Ulrika Zugzwang
Magnanimous in Victory
Join date: 10 Jun 2004
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09-17-2005 10:46
Did a moderator serious just delete an entire thread of mine? Do we no longer have the freedom to discuss their moderation practices constructively?

I guess I know why the forum has been so tame lately: an increase in disciplinary action, deletion of threads, and aggressive punishment of individuals in turn. All of it of course done in secret without the power of redress.

This is the ugly side of an Oligarchy. :(

Pendari Lorentz
Senior Member
Join date: 5 Sep 2003
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09-17-2005 11:13
It got moved to Off-Topic Ulrika. :p Don't ask me why. :confused:
*hugs everyone*
Oz Spade
Join date: 23 Sep 2003
Posts: 2,708
09-17-2005 12:28
From: Pendari Lorentz
It got moved to Off-Topic Ulrika. :p Don't ask me why. :confused:

Why? :D
"Don't anticipate outcome," the man said. "Await the unfolding of events. Remain in the moment." - Konrad
Jeska Linden
Join date: 26 Jul 2004
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09-17-2005 15:06
This thread is not appropriate for the SL Forums and as such is being closed. Per our forum guidelines:

"Reposting – If a moderator removes your post, do not repost it elsewhere. Do not repost threads that have been locked or deleted and do not repost content that has been edited or deleted by a moderator. Furthermore, please do not post a "why did my post get removed" post. Send any further discussion regarding post removals to [email]abuse@lindenlab.com[/email]."

The previous thread was moved to Off-Topic, because it was off-topic. The General forum is for the discussion of Second Life.