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Today Is A SL Holiday!

Oz Spade
Join date: 23 Sep 2003
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09-19-2005 16:04
Yar, avast ye, today September 19th be a SL Holiday, so hoyst up yer flags fer today be Talk Like A Pirate Day!


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Frans Charming
You only need one Frans
Join date: 28 Jan 2005
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09-19-2005 16:07
Arrrrrrrr Captian, ArrrrSpade!
ReallyRick Metropolitan
Yes it's really me.
Join date: 4 Jun 2005
Posts: 691
09-19-2005 16:11
Woot i got th' widgizmo! At least it is better than the Benshee . [smile :)] Ye cannot see my sword in this pic but trust me it is huge and deadly!
Shep Korvin
The Lucky Chair Guy
Join date: 30 Jun 2005
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09-19-2005 16:39
Q: Why are pirates called pirates?

A: Because they Arrrrrrrr.....
Keknehv Psaltery
Join date: 11 Apr 2005
Posts: 1,185
09-19-2005 16:49
Q: What's a pirate's favorite mode of transportation?

Q: What's a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?
A: arrrr
Oz Spade
Join date: 23 Sep 2003
Posts: 2,708
09-19-2005 17:13
Q: Why do pirates use a telescope at sea?

A: So they can see ships from a farrrr!

Q: Why do the parrots on their shoulders always want crackers?

A: Because it'd be worse to have chips on your shoulder!
"Don't anticipate outcome," the man said. "Await the unfolding of events. Remain in the moment." - Konrad
Dueling Banjo
Some Random Guy
Join date: 9 Jan 2005
Posts: 76
09-19-2005 17:17
Q: Why wasn't the teen able to see the new pirate movie?

A: It was rated Arrrr!
nimrod Yaffle
Cavemen are people too...
Join date: 15 Nov 2004
Posts: 3,146
09-19-2005 17:54
Wow! This thread makes me feel so smart!
Coupe Neville
another freakin' noob
Join date: 6 Jan 2005
Posts: 75
09-19-2005 18:19
YARR! dammit! I forgot about it... someone keelhaul me :(
Ayame Sapeur
~*Model Princess*~
Join date: 19 Sep 2005
Posts: 167
09-19-2005 18:34
Q:Why Did The Man Have A Black Eye?

A:Because He Got In A Fight In A Baaaaar~!
Weedy Herbst
Too many parameters
Join date: 5 Aug 2004
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09-19-2005 19:11
Arrrr matey, the sun be over the yard arm and we best be havin a flankon of ale.
Cocoanut Koala
Coco's Cottages
Join date: 7 Feb 2005
Posts: 7,903
09-19-2005 19:11
How do I feel about all these pirate jokes?


at Coco's Cottages

Salazar Jack
Nova Albion native
Join date: 12 Feb 2004
Posts: 1,105
09-19-2005 19:25
Why did the health department close the bakery?

Because it was infested with pie rats.
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Captain Barmy
Join date: 18 Mar 2005
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09-19-2005 19:29
From: nimrod Yaffle
Wow! This thread makes me feel so smart!

Don't ye mean smARRRRRRRRRt?
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Julian Fate
80's Pop Star
Join date: 19 Oct 2003
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09-19-2005 20:58
Pirate Facts
They come from Marrrrrrrrrrs.
They are allergic to tarrrrrrrrrr.
They preferred The Tonight Show when the host was Jack Parrrrrrrrrr.
They compress files with WinRarrrrrrrrrr.
They sing "When You Wish Upon a Starrrrrrrrrr".
Nine times out of ten, that starrrrrrrrrr would be Antarrrrrrrrrres.
They are researching a cure for SARRRRRRRRRRRS.
They enjoy Herman Melville's Barrrrrrrrrrtleby the Scrivener.
Their favorite cast member in The Wizard of Oz was Bert Lahrrrrrrrrrr.
If they were entomologists they would specialize in the genus Arrrrrrrrrrachnida.
Their favorite 19th Century nurse is Clarrrrrrrrrra Barrrrrrrrrrton.
This joke long ago went too farrrrrrrrrr, it needs to be run over by a carrrrrrrrrr, the remains packed in a jarrrrrrrrrr, and buried in an abandoned quarrrrrrrrrry.
Nimbus Calliope
Registered User
Join date: 22 Feb 2005
Posts: 1
09-20-2005 00:26
i didn't know about this, but i'm fond of dressing up like a pirate anyway, with an invisiprim peg leg and a invisiprim hook hand, and freebie parrot. avast ye land lubbers
Garnet Psaltery
Walking on the Moon
Join date: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 913
09-20-2005 00:53
Demme, but I don't knows if I be a pirate or a swashbuckler ... but I be taking over this here beer hall. And I'll drink 'til I falls down into Davy Jones's locker. Aharrr.
Siggy Romulus
Join date: 22 Sep 2003
Posts: 5,711
09-20-2005 01:09
arrrr fetch me another cabin boy, this one be burst!
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From: Jesse Linden
I, for one, am highly un-helped by this thread
Oz Spade
Join date: 23 Sep 2003
Posts: 2,708
09-20-2005 01:30
I was a pirate for a day and all I got was scurvy... yargh... yargh. :(
"Don't anticipate outcome," the man said. "Await the unfolding of events. Remain in the moment." - Konrad
Jeffrey Gomez
Join date: 11 Jun 2004
Posts: 3,522
09-20-2005 05:20
Wynx Whiplash
Registered User
Join date: 25 Sep 2004
Posts: 339
09-20-2005 05:24
Pirate's extended keyboard:
Persephoria Oe
Daddy's Sparkle Girl
Join date: 13 Sep 2005
Posts: 22
09-20-2005 07:22
A pirate walks into a bar. He ambles up to the counter and asks the bartender for a bottla rum. The bartender looks at him oddly, then reaches under the counter, bring up the bottle. The pirate glares at him from his one unpatched eye.

"Somethin ta say?" He demands.

The bartender shrugs. "Did you know you have a steering wheel in your pants?"

"Yarr!" says the pirate, "It's drivin me nuts!"


Another pirate walks into the bar, peg leg scrapping against the rough wooden floor. As he takes a seat on a stool, the bartender begins pouring him a beer.

"Tell you what," the bartender says, "I'll give you this one free if you tell me what happened to your leg."

The pirate nods.

"Twas a fierce battle, twas. We was boardin a ship 'n they fired a cannon straightaway at me, they did. Took off me leg juss below me knee. Had this wooden leg e'er since." The pirate thumps his peg leg against the floor and downs his beer.

As the bartender fills the glass, he decides to ask another question.

"And your hand?" he asks, nodding at the pirate's hooked hand. "Tell me that story and this beer is yours as well."

Taking a big swig of the beer, the pirate wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"We was under attack on the mighty sea, we was. Filthy scallawags tried takin me ship, they did. I saved me ship, but one swiped my hand clean off with a sword. The loss of me hand was but a piddlin price ta pay ta save me ship, yarr."

The bartender leans against the bar, fascinated by the pirate's tales of his adventures, daydreaming about living life on the open sea.

"How about your eye?"

The pirate points to his eyepatch and the bartender nods.

"Nuther beer then?"

As the bartender pours the pirate another glass, the swashbuckler leans back on the stool.

"I was standin on the deck of me ship, I was. Lookin up at the mast, thinkin to meself how lucky I was to be livin on the sea. Out of nowhere, a gull swooped overhead and shit in my eye!"

The bartender laughed out loud at this.

"You're telling me you lost your eye because of some seagull shit?"

"Oh no, lad. Twas me firs' day with me hook!"

nimrod Yaffle
Cavemen are people too...
Join date: 15 Nov 2004
Posts: 3,146
09-20-2005 15:26
From: Captain Barmy
Don't ye mean smARRRRRRRRRt?

*slaps forehead* Oy!
Emma Soyinka
Got moo? o_o
Join date: 13 Sep 2005
Posts: 218
09-21-2005 08:16
I got the widgizmo too... but I failed to make it work. :( I was completely unaware WHY I got it til I read this post too. o_o
JackBurton Faulkland
PorkChop Express
Join date: 3 Sep 2005
Posts: 478
09-21-2005 08:19
Q: Why are pirates gay?

A: Cause they like Seaman.