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Dick Cheney having surgery for "leg aneurysm"

Neehai Zapata
Unofficial Parent
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09-17-2005 08:06
Honestly, did anyone not see this coming?

You Republicans need to seriously step back and have some conversations about preventive medicine with your leaders. It is painfully clear to everyone what the cause of Dick Cheney's heart and leg problems is.

I submit exhibit A:

It is a wonder the man can even stand up without fainting. I am convinced he has to disappear for days to get frequent blood transfusion to support his engorged "friend".
Unofficial moderator and proud dysfunctional parent to over 1000 bastard children.
Kendra Bancroft
Rhine Maiden
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09-17-2005 08:48
geeeeezus --warn a lesbian will ya? Where's my pepto?
Garoad Kuroda
Prophet of Muppetry
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09-17-2005 08:55
You really didn't see that coming??? :cool:

WTF is C3PO supposed to be USEFUL for anyway, besides whining? Stupid piece of scrap metal would be more useful recycled as a toaster. But even that would suck, because who would want to listen to a whining wussy toaster? Is he gold plated? If that's the case he should just be melted down into gold ingots. Help the economy some, and stop being so damn useless you stupid bucket of bolts! R2 is 1,000 times more useful than your tin man ass, and he's shaped like a salt and pepper shaker FFS!