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My grandfather

Troy Vogel
Marginal Prof. of ZOMG!
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09-11-2006 12:38
Has colon cancer. I just found out. They're talking about things spreading to his liver. Doctors want to operate sometime this week. It's bad. We lost my grandmother 2 months ago and now this.

Blissful Valentine
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09-11-2006 12:39

Sending warm thoughts and wishes to your grandfather, your family, and you.
Billybob Goodliffe
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09-11-2006 12:41
/me starts to sob

I lost my mother to breast cancer, and my father in-law to lung cancer. It will be a very tough road ahead, but stay strong for him. He will draw strength from his family. If you need someone to talk to, IM me.
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Showdog Tiger
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09-11-2006 12:42
Dearly Darling,

I'm very sorry to hear about your family plight. This should galvanize your entire family to go get colonoscopies ASAP!!!

Ever Yours,

Mrs. Showdog Tiger
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Vares Solvang
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09-11-2006 12:43
My sweet little dog who has been my constant companion for over 10 years is dying of cancer right now. As bad as it is with my dog, I can imagine that it's ten times worse with your grandfather.

My heart goes out to you Troy.