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Toad Licking

Rose Karuna
Lizard Doctor
Join date: 5 Jun 2004
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09-11-2006 07:27
Ha Ha - Got ya to look did'nt I?

This thread has nothing to do with toad licking. Just my way of saying good bye.

If it were not for the SL forums I would never have learned about such things as pink socks or felching. I surely have had a sex ed in the forums.

Much more than that though, with coffee and banter, have come two years of odd fellow friendships. We have spoken of religion, politics, war, addiction, and love. Slowly removing the veils on our Avtars (and our hearts) whether we realized it or not.

Here's to the kittens, the ferrets, the hamsters and the bunnies with pancakes on their heads.

Most of all - Here's to all of you that I have shared my heart with every day.

I will miss you.

I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To :D
Vares Solvang
It's all Relative
Join date: 26 Jan 2005
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09-11-2006 07:30
Hey, you tricked me!

Just for that, not only am I not going to read this thread, I'm not going to post to it either!
Selador Cellardoor
Registered User
Join date: 16 Nov 2003
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09-11-2006 08:56
Bye Rose. :( Always enjoyed your contributions.
Olympia Rebus
Muse of Chaos
Join date: 22 Feb 2004
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09-11-2006 12:23
Same here. I'll miss you.
Vares Solvang
It's all Relative
Join date: 26 Jan 2005
Posts: 2,235
09-11-2006 12:26

(and I'm still not posting to this thread! ;) )
pandastrong Fairplay
all bout the BANG POW NOW
Join date: 16 Aug 2004
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09-11-2006 12:28
Awwww! See you at SC, Rose!
"Honestly, you are a gem -- fun, creative, and possessing strong social convictions. I think LL should be paying you to be in their game."

~ Ulrika Zugzwang on the iconography of pandastrong in the media

"That's no good. Someone is going to take your place as SL's cutest boy while you're offline."

~ Ingrid Ingersoll on the topic of LL refusing to pay pandastrong for being in their game.