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Sonograms hurt babies.

Kendra Bancroft
Rhine Maiden
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09-11-2006 09:14

""Anytime we're doing an ultrasound we have to think of risk versus benefit. What clinical question are we trying to answer," Copel said in a telephone interview. "It may be very important to know the exact dating of pregnancy, it's certainly helpful to know the anatomy of the fetus, but we shouldn't be holding a transducer on mom's abdomen for hours and hours and hours."
Rakic's paper said that while the effects of ultrasound in human brain development are not yet known, there are disorders thought to be the result of misplacement of brain cells during their development.
"These disorders range from mental retardation and childhood epilepsy to developmental dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia," the researchers said."

Why do you hate Babies, Kevn?? Why?????
Billybob Goodliffe
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09-11-2006 09:41
I hate sonic booms they hurt my ears, I don't even want to imagine what its like for children! WAIT! You said sonograms! Damnit I need to put on my reading glasses next time!
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