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Caption Monday. * Special Edition*

Kendra Bancroft
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09-11-2006 09:29
Zuzu Fassbinder
Little Miss No Tomorrow
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09-11-2006 09:50
Playing to both enviornmentalists and supporters of a ban on flag burning president Bush demonstrates the new "recycle a flag as a floor mat" initiative. "This new approach will save thousands of flags from burning and put them to good use," Bush announced before wiping his feet.

sorry, still waiting for caffine to kick in....

Bomb threats were phoned in to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989 for a student exhibition that included Dread Scott Tyler's What Is the Proper Way to Display the American Flag? (In order to read comments in a book on the subject, viewers had to step on the flag itself, which was placed on the floor.) The outcome of this tumult was that the School of the Art Institute bought a warehouse in another area of town away from the museum to show its students' art (protecting the museum's art collection from any bombs intended for the school), and the school instituted an "Artist as Citizen" course to teach students how to take responsibility for the images they create that may inflame the public.
From: Bud
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Lorelei Patel
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09-11-2006 09:56
That's an awfully long caption.

I was thinking more like, "His truth goes marching on," myself.
Broadly offensive.
Joy Honey
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09-11-2006 10:01
That's awful nice of them to put this here mat down for me to wipe my feet on.
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Lianne Marten
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09-11-2006 10:05
"The President and First Lady test out the welcome mat they had specially ordered to cover the stain Spot left on the porch at their Crawford home."
Billybob Goodliffe
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09-11-2006 10:08
"so we're supposed to stand here?"

"honey how nice they marked our spot for the photo-op with this flag!"
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Govindira Galatea
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09-11-2006 11:47
Laura: "Baby steps, dear, baby steps!"
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