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My Mac Has Had a Heart Attack

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09-11-2006 06:48
So, I guess my Macintosh just couldn't take the disclosure of the security breach, because I arrived home on Friday to the smell of freshly-baked PCB substrate. I was out for the weekend, but checked the machine on Sunday; Sure enough, the processor card kicked the bucket. I blame the cooling fan; It probably seized. It never could stomach the load placed upon it by my indignation over security issues.

The good news is that I have a backup processor card, the bad news is it's only 500 mhz. So now it's time to move that machine off to become a file server - and go buy a /brand spanking new machine/.

Ah, Apple Credit, I do bind my fate to you and do pledge and troth $120/month for the next eighteen months such that I may have the screamingest vorpal data blade on the planet.

See you guys in a few!

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Seraph Nephilim
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09-11-2006 07:01
Well, now is as good a time as any, with the new Core 2 Duos. If you're jumping from a PPC, especially a G4, you'll notice a marked improvement. Sorry to hear about the loss, though.
Vares Solvang
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09-11-2006 07:35
All good things much come to an end.