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Inventory & Calling Cards

Sapphire Bombay
Join date: 8 Oct 2003
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12-18-2003 05:23
For anyone who has wondered why I have deleted their calling cards, it is due to an inventory problem I have had since the asset server hard drive crash a couple weeks ago. I have sent in a bug report but no answer. Check out this picture of my inventory. 3 Calling Cards, 3 Trash, 3 Lost & Found. I can only rename them, not delete them. And things are popping up in each of them. Lindens Help! It is getting worse, 3 of those folders just showed up the other day out of the blue. I have tried reinstalling to no avail.
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Eggy Lippmann
Join date: 1 May 2003
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12-18-2003 06:39
I lost my body shape :(
I logged on, one day, and was looking like the default noob shape, aka "ruth" whoever she is :)
I think Steller told me Ruth was the God Mother who looked down into the alpha world, ever vigilant, loving and protective. No, really. They had this projector over at LL and watched the alpha peeps all day long or something.
I also lost parts of other costumes. Now whenever I try to wear the "slayer droid" I get lots of "Clothing / Body part missing from database"
Buck Weaver
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Join date: 18 May 2003
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12-18-2003 14:08
I have lost my face (maybe not a bad thing to some) in the last day. Seems like it coincided with me downloading the 1.2 preview. I now wear a black and white sign there that says "Missing Image" . If I go into 'appearance' it will load for me and anyone present. However, when I encounter another avatar their first question is, "What is wrong with your face?". Then I go into appearance again and they can see it.
I have filed bug reports and Colin suggested I uninstall SL and reinstall it, which I did, but it did not fix the problem.

It may look good at Nick and Baccaras black and white party tonight but I hope I don't have to stay like this....
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Sapphire Bombay
Join date: 8 Oct 2003
Posts: 341
12-19-2003 10:27
* bump *
Still no technical support on this. Not even communication. C'mon Lindens answer my bug report.
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Kex Godel
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Join date: 14 Nov 2003
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12-19-2003 12:30
Sapphire, glad to hear I didn't do anything wrong. =)

I hope you can get the problem resolved. It looks like something got horribly cross-linked in one or more records in the inventory table.

I suppose this and Eggy's comment have now given me the impulse to go into appearance settings and write down the numbers for everything...

I think perhaps it may be a good idea to ask for a feature to allow us to export things in XML so we have a backup of our most important objects just in case something ever goes horribly wrong...
Phoenix Linden
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12-22-2003 07:48
Sapphire, I have fixed your inventory. Anything that was in one of the 'bonus' folders should auto-sort into your lost and found folder. You can move them from there into their correct location.

Do you have any idea how this happened, or did you just log in one day and find new folders?

Please report missing assets by including the inventory name and folder where it is located.
Garth FairChang
~ Mr FairChang ~
Join date: 24 Jun 2003
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Missing textures & Map problems
12-22-2003 07:57
Since I installed preview the first time, I have suffered from missing textures on my clothing in SL 1.1

I have reported it as a bug

Also all the way through 1.1 I have suffered with no background to the world map or only half the sims showing at times, this is also reflected in the regions list too (only sims shown are listed)

Again I have reported this many times
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Sapphire Bombay
Join date: 8 Oct 2003
Posts: 341
12-22-2003 08:34
Phoenix thanks. I'll let you know how things look when I can log back in (waiting for 1.2). As far as how: remember the day of the asset server drive replacement? Well, all I was told was that there was going to be an update. So, while I was waiting for the system to go down, I sat there and finally cleaned up and rearranged my entire inventory. I finished just before the system went down. Later, I found out that the downtime included work on the asset server - doh!. I wouldn't have touched a thing if I knew. Anyhow, ever since then my inventory has been goofed like this. I lost my av all together. So, we'll see how it looks in about 30 minutes....

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