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discussion: slurl maker

Dyne Talamasca
Noneuclidean Love Polygon
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04-02-2006 22:40
This is a simple script to generate a basic SLURL from your present location (so you can copy it and paste it somewhere outside of SL).

Put it in a HUD attachment or something, then just touch the HUD to make the slurl. Open your chat history and copy from there.

I don't know of a way to retrieve the parcel name or description, so this just uses the sim name as the SLURL title. It doesn't convert spaces in the names.

// SLURL Maker 0.4
// by Dyne Talamasca

vector Where;
string Name;
string SLURL;
integer X;
integer Y;
integer Z;

touch_start(integer numtouching)
llOwnerSay("One moment, retrieving data...");
Name = llGetRegionName();
Where = llGetPos();

X = (integer)Where.x;
Y = (integer)Where.y;
Z = (integer)Where.z;

// I don't replace any spaces in Name with %20 and so forth.

SLURL = "http://slurl.com/secondlife/" + Name + "/" + (string)X + "/" + (string)Y + "/" + (string)Z + "/?title=" + Name;


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Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
04-03-2006 08:37
i've got nothing. ;)
Qweebokal Basiat
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05-19-2006 18:03
Excellent work, Dyne.

I've gotten a lot of milage out of this script.