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Discussion: Reliably detect when avatar moves

Geuis Dassin
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12-16-2006 15:28
Hey, I found that move_start() and move_end() just plain don't work.

I've created this little chunk of code that seems to *ALWAYS* tell me when the prim moves. If you have this in an attachment, it tells you when your avatar moves.

What it does is simple. On state_entry(), set the current position of the prim. The range is within 1 meter, though you of course can change this to your needs. (for example, if you only want to trigger when your avatar moves outside of a current area from where its at.)

As soon as you move outside of the defined range, then the not_at_target() event fires. You then reset the llTarget position as you did during state_entry().

This will effectively fire any time your avatar moves, in any direction, including flying.


//define current avatar/prim position here
llTarget(llGetPos(), 1.0);

llTarget(llGetPos(), 1.0);
Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
12-24-2006 20:48
i've got nothing. ;)