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Discussion: OpenSourcing my Builder Objects - in Chessport

sparti Carroll
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01-13-2007 11:03
Hi y'all

Inspired somewhat by the release of viewer code as open source I've decided to release my builder objects as open source.

The objects are available in Chessport, near the telehub.

I've done the Giant Block Pyramid Builder so far. You get all the source code &c. I've set a price of L$1 so I can see who gets it, from me anyway, but everything is full permissions Modify/Copy/Transfer.

If you find the code useful then please do anything with it you like, but with enhancements or similar tools please post the code back to me so I can make it available at Chessport and so I can do some quality control and release management/ merging of versions from different people.

I'm going to release the code for the Giant Sphere Builder next.

The goal is to make a single multi-builder object which can make Giant rooms; Spheres; Block Pyramids; Waves and thin-wall Pyramids. PLUS anything else you come up with.

All contributions welcomed and will be acknowledged in the documentation.

I'd like to say thanks to Megz Xevious for the textures used in the Block Pyramid maker.

sparti Carroll
13 January 2007
Nada Epoch
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02-14-2007 12:04
i've got nothing. ;)