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Discussion: Delete all of something in an object

Aliasi Stonebender
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09-21-2005 19:25
This script was made in response to Psyra Extraordinaire's request for a script that would copy itself to all of the prims in a multi-prim linked object and delete one specific item (a debug script in this case) and itself.


edit the line in the script with the name of the thing you wish to delete. drop this script into the root prim of the object, and wait as it spreads itself throughout. (llGiveInventory has a 3-second delay, so for objects containing many prims this can take awhile). Once the script says it's done, select your object and "recompile all scripts in selection". (You may also have to set all scripts to running.)

It should be fairly trivial to modify this to eliminate all objects contained within the prims of an objects, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the student. ;)


//Delete all of an item script. Deletes all of an item from a linked object!
//Script by Aliasi Stonebender. Do with this what you like.


if ((llGetLinkNumber() < 2) && (llGetLinkNumber() != 0))// are we in a linked root prim?
integer number_of_linked_objects = llGetNumberOfPrims();
integer currentprim;
llWhisper(0, "Copying script throughout object - this may take a little time!");
for (currentprim = 2; currentprim <= number_of_linked_objects; currentprim++)
key currentprim_key = llGetLinkKey(currentprim);
llGiveInventory(currentprim_key, llGetScriptName());
llWhisper(0, "Done. Deleting self. Reset all scripts now.");
else //If our Link number is not 0, and is 2 or greater, then we're in a linked child prim!
llWhisper(0, "Deleting scripts...");
llRemoveInventory("debug script");//put the name of the thing you wish to delete here
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Nada Epoch
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09-23-2005 07:50
i've got nothing. ;)