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Discussion: Online Status Indicator w/ PHP script

Aster Lardner
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07-08-2006 21:16
I was gunna try and sell this, but I can't think of a good way to sell it without hosting scripts.

So if you end up using this, please be nice and tip me at least a quarter's worth of lindens ~75L.

It is basically your standard green/red online indicator prim. However, this updates a php script to copy an image in the same folder as your PHP script (online.gif or offline.gif) into a folder caled 'status' (might need to make this folder and chmod it 777) as well as writes a small status.txt file to the same folder with the word offline or online that can be included into your site/blog/forum posts using the information at this url:

All you have to do is...
  1. Save the php file to your server
  2. Create and save an online and offline image (.gif, .jpg, or . png)
  3. Upload it to the same folder as the php script
  4. make a subfolder in the same folder as the php script and name it 'status'
  5. Chmod it 777 is necesary
  6. save the lsl script onto a prim in-world you want to use as a status indicator
  7. copy the php file's URL to that prim's description
  8. reset the script
  9. Incporporate the status.txt into and status/status.gif into your site

Status.php file:

////// Simple PHP/LSL Status Updater///////////
// To Install:
// 0. Edit the following $Timer variable to match how oen in seconds you want your indicator to be updated.
// 1. Copy this script (status.php), a gif/jpg/png image named "online" and "offline" to your server.
// 2. In the same folder as the script create a folder named "status" and if applicable chmod it 777.
// 3. Copy and paste the URLof this script into the description of the online status indicator in-world.

$Timer = 300; //Five Minutes.

if($_POST) {
$Input = $_POST;
} else {
$Input = $_GET;
if ($Input['status'] == "Online") {
$status = "Online";
} else {
$status = "Offline"; //We don't want to pass funky status.

if (is_dir("status") == FALSE) {
if (@mkdir("status", 0777) == FALSE) {
echo "Error-- could not create 'status' folder. Please create it in the same folder as status.php and chmod it 777.";

$fp = @fopen("status/status.txt", "w"); //Open file, write
$fw = @fwrite( $fp, $status ); // Write the content on the file
@fclose( $fp ); // Close the file after writing
@chmod("status/status.txt", 0777);
if (!$fw)
echo "Failed to write status.txt...\n";
if ($status == "Online") {
if (is_file('online.gif')) {
$file = "online.gif";
$ext = ".gif";
if (is_file('online.jpg')) {
$file = "online.jpg";
$ext = ".jpg";
if (is_file('online.png')) {
$file = "online.png";
$ext = ".png";
else echo "Online image no found in same folder as status.php.";
} else {
if (is_file('offline.gif')){
$file = "offline.gif";
$ext = ".gif";
if (is_file('offline.jpg')){
$file = "offline.jpg";
$ext = ".jpg";
if (is_file('offline.png')){
$file = "offline.png";
$ext = ".png";
else echo "Offline image no found in same folder as status.php.";
$copy = copy($file, 'status/status'.$ext);
if (!$copy) {
echo "Failed to copy $file...\n";

if($fw && $copy) echo $Timer;
else echo "Error-- could not set status.";




integer gIsOnline = FALSE;
integer gLandOwner = FALSE;
key gKey = NULL_KEY;
string gName = "";
key requestid;
string owner;

updateStatus(string s){
key k = llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos());
gIsOnline = TRUE;
gIsOnline = FALSE;


key getWhom(){
if(gKey == NULL_KEY){
return llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos());
return llGetOwner();
return gKey;


on_rez(integer n){
owner = llKey2Name( llGetOwner());
dataserver(key req, string data){
if(data == "1" || data == "0"){
gName = data;
llSetText("Getting online status for " + gName,<1,1,1>,1);
llSetText(owner + "\nis Online",<1,1,1>,.25);
llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, TRUE, <0, 1, 0>, 1.0, 3.0, 0.75]);
if (llGetObjectDesc() != "Paste URL of Status.php here!")
requestid = llHTTPRequest(llGetObjectDesc() + "?status=Online",[HTTP_METHOD,"GET"],"");
llSetText(owner + "\nis Offline",<1,1,1>,.25);
llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, TRUE, <1, 0, 0>, 0.25, 3.0, 0.75]); if (llGetObjectDesc() != "Paste URL of Status.php here!")
requestid = llHTTPRequest(llGetObjectDesc() + "?status=Offline",[HTTP_METHOD,"GET"],"");

http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body)
if (status == 404) {
llOwnerSay("The URL you entered into the description box appears to be incorrect. The server was found, but the script wasn't.");
UPDATE_INTERVAL = (float)body;

It wouldn't be that hard to expand this a bit and use the indicator as a in-world server for a HUD that gets your info (location, status, ect) if you're creative.

Its set up so the web server defines how often the status gets checked.
Nada Epoch
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07-12-2006 20:39
i've got nothing. ;)