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Discussion: LSL-2-PHP Library

Craze Copeland
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09-17-2006 12:45
What it does:
I have created a PHP library which includes 24 LSL functions, that have been re-written in PHP. Since PHP does not have real 3d objects, I couldn't include some of the most practical ones.

How to use it:
Just upload the file (lsl2php.lib.php) to your server, and then include it at the top of any php document that you plan on using the library with. EXAMPLE: include('lsl2php.lib.php');



// ==========================================================================
// ==========================================================================
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Title: LSL-2-PHP Library
// Version: 1.0
// Author: craze3
// Email: craze3@gmail.com
// Description: Linden Scripting Language functions, recreated in PHP.
// Filename: lsl2php.lib.php
// License: GNU/LGPL
// Date: September 2006
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// include('lsl2php.lib.php');
// include('/lsl2php.lib.php');
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Functions/Syntax/Description:
// -----------------------------
// llDialog(message); - Opens a javascript alert window with the message.
// llSay(message); - Prints the message on to the page.
// llShout(message); - Prints the message on to the page in bold.
// llWhisper(message); - Prints the message on to the page in italic.
// llMD5String(message); - Returns the message encrypted as a MD5 hash.
// llEmail(address, subject, message); - Sends an email to address, with the specified subject and message.
// llDetectedKey(); - Returns the user's ip address.
// llGetNumberOfNotecardLines(file); - Returns the amount of lines in a file.
// llGetNotecardLine(file, line); - Returns the specified line from the specified file.
// llTeleportAgentHome(); - Redirects the user to their homepage.
// llGetDate(); - Returns the date in m/d/Y format.
// llGetGMTClock(); - Returns the UTC time.
// llList2String(list, index); - Returns the list entry specified by index.
// llDie(); - Exits the script. Anything past this line will not be executed.
// llToUpper(message); - Changes all the letters in message to uppercase.
// llToLower(message); - Changes all the letters in message to lowercase.
// llStringLength(message); - Returns the length of message.
// llGetSubString(message, start, end); - Returns a substring of message, starts and ends at specified.
// llSubStringIndex(message, pattern); - Finds pattern in message and returns the index.
// llFrand(maximum); - Generate a random number between 0 and the maximum specified.
// llInsertString(destination, position, source); - Inserts source into destination at position.
// llLoadURL(destination); - Redirects the user to destination.
// llSetText(title); - Used to set the title of the webpage.
// llSleep(seconds); - Delays the script for the specified amount of seconds.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ==========================================================================
// ==========================================================================

function llDialog($message){
echo "<script language='javascript'>alert(\"$message\");</script>";

function llSay($message){
echo $message;

function llShout($message){
echo "<b>$message</b>";

function llWhisper($message){
echo "<i>$message</i>";

function llMD5String($message){
return md5($message);

function llEmail($address, $subject, $message){
$ip = GetHostByName($REMOTE_ADDR);
if(mail($address, $subject, $message, 'From: $ip@lsl2php.craze3.com')){
return true;
return false;

function llDetectedKey(){
$ip = GetHostByName($REMOTE_ADDR);
return $ip;

function llGetNumberOfNotecardLines($notecard){
$fd = fopen ($notecard, "r");
while (!feof ($fd))
$buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
$lines[] = $buffer;
fclose ($fd);
return count($lines);

function llGetNotecardLine($notecard, $line){
$fd = fopen ($notecard, "r");
while (!feof ($fd))
$buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
$lines[] = $buffer;
fclose ($fd);
return $lines[$line];

function llTeleportAgentHome(){
header("Location: javascript:window.home()");

function llList2String($array, $index){
return $array[$index];

function llDie(){

function llGetDate(){
return date("m/d/Y");

function llGetGMTclock(){
return time();

function llToLower($message){
return strtolower($message);

function llToUpper($message){
return strtoupper($message);

function llStringLength($message){
return count($message);

function llGetSubString($message, $start, $end){
return substr($message, $start, $end);

function llSubStringIndex($message, $pattern){
return strpos($message, $pattern);

function llFrand($max){
return rand(0, $max);

function llInsertString($intostring, $offset, $insertstring) {
$part1 = substr($intostring, 0, $offset);
$part2 = substr($intostring, $offset);

$part1 = $part1 . $insertstring;
$whole = $part1 . $part2;
return $whole;

function llLoadURL($url){
header("Location: $url");

function llSetText($title){
echo "<script language=\"javascript\">document.title = \"$title\";</script>";

function llSleep($seconds){

//These are test lines I used to test the functions when I was coding. They are commented out and not executing.
//llShout("I'm yelling from over here!<br>");
//llSay(llMD5String("Hello there!") . "<br> frf <br>");
//llSay(llGetNumberOfNotecardLines("hk.txt") . " - " . llGetNotecardLine("hk.txt", 27) . "<br>");
//$candy = array('blue', 'red', 'green');
//llSay(llList2String($candy, 2));
//llInsertString("abcdef", 3, "123"); // returns "abc123def"

Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
09-19-2006 08:42
i've got nothing. ;)
paulie Femto
Into the dark
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09-19-2006 09:27
So, this allows an alternate, web-based, client to interact with SL and perform some LSL functions?
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Thraxis Epsilon
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09-19-2006 10:15
It allows you to simulate LSL scripts in a web page
Strife Onizuka
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09-19-2006 13:43
The llMD5String function listed above won't work the same way
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Guido Columbia
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09-19-2006 15:09
Neat idea, good job. =)
Craze Copeland
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09-19-2006 16:00
Not all of them work the same.
Aliqui Ennui
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Join date: 16 Jul 2005
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11-08-2006 22:14
With md5 string you forgot the salt. I recommend going back to the LSL wiki and understanding them all thoroughly. This is one among other inconsistensies.
Imp Xi
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01-16-2007 22:45
The two functions I need most for a PHP application I'm planning are:


If I had those two, I'd be able to easily store/retrieve lists from MySQL.

(There's probably a MUCH easier way... I just haven't thought of it.)
Charles Granville
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Join date: 18 Mar 2006
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01-17-2007 11:36
Use explode() and implode().