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Library: Function: list uniq( list );

Chromal Brodsky
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11-23-2004 10:06
Given a list of elements, returns a list of only the unique individual elements.

uniq(["A", "A", "B", "C", "C", "B"])
would return the list: ["A", "B", "C"]


// Given a list, returns only a list of unique elements in source list.
list uniq( list lAll )
integer i;
list lFiltered = llList2List(lAll, 0, 0);
integer iAll = llGetListLength( lAll );

for (i = 1; i < iAll; i++)
if ( llListFindList(lFiltered, llList2List(lAll, i, i) ) == -1 )
lFiltered += llList2List(lAll, i, i);
return lFiltered;

Any thoughts on llList2List[llList, n, n] vs [ llList2String(lList, n) ] ?
Christopher Omega
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11-25-2004 10:27
From: Chromal Brodsky
Any thoughts on llList2List[llList, n, n] vs [ llList2String(lList, n) ] ?

The former preserves the type information of the element, whereas the latter does not.
As LSL's llList2* functions preform different things depending on the type of the element, its best to preserve this type information.
Tread Whiplash
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Another method...
02-10-2005 12:12
If you only need to loop through a list of homogenous data and get its unique values, this may be a tad faster (though I haven't benchmarked it):

(Note this is currently set up to compare integers; but you could use the same layout for strings or floats)

//Sort list, for finding unique values...
myList = llListSort(myList, 0, 1);

//Set variables important for this process...
integer listLen = llGetListLength(myList);
integer lastValue;
integer uniqueValues;
integer i = 0;

while(i < listLen)
integer currValue = llList2Integer(myList, i);

if(currValue != lastValue || i == 0)

lastValue = currValue;


llWhisper(0, "I counted "+ (string)uniqueValues +" unique items in that list.");


Take care,

--Noel "HB" Wade
(Tread Whiplash)
SuezanneC Baskerville
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a silly comment
02-10-2005 16:55
Given the features avatar bodies are equipped with, shouldn't a uniq list return the names or keys of all male avatars?

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Chaz Longstaff
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08-01-2007 20:36
hot! thanks for this! I was hoping someone would have covered this and wham found it in 5 seconds! amazing.
Very Keynes
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01-14-2008 05:33
You may find this useful too:

It should work with all data types, though I use it on keys mostly.

Sample output is:

new: Elements in x = a, b, c, d
new: Elements in y = a, 1, b, 2, c, 3
new: Elements in x or y = a, b, c, d, 1, 2, 3
new: Elements in both x and y = a, b, c
new: Elements that are in x but not in y = d
new: Elements that are in y but not in x = 1, 2, 3
new: Elements that are in x or y but not both = d, 1, 2, 3
new: list x == y = 0
new: list x == x = 1
new: list y != x = 1
new: list y != y = 0