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Open-Source Portable Music Player

Nat Mandelbrot
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02-19-2007 19:15
Cruxy Player for Second Life is a portable music player for use at listening parties, as a promotional giveaway, or for just some relaxing downtime in your personal parcel of land. It can load and play music from mp3 playlists using the XSPF standard (http://xspf.org). XSPF (”spiff”) is like the common M3U format, but formatted as XML, much richer in detail, and supported by sites such as Odeo, Webjay, Yahoo! Music, Last.fm, Magnatune, and of course, Cruxy.

To provide maximum opportunity for creativity, the player is being released open-source, under the GNU General Public License. It allows for full modify and copy rights, and can be easily skinned, colored, or otherwise customized, much like our flash player for the web. You can even take the core player script and embed it into another type of object - an old-fashioned radio, dj turntables, your spaceship’s console, or some other use we would have never imagined.

Through support for this standard, the Cruxy Player can be used for many purposes, however we are most excited about the power it brings to musicians to promote themselves inside of Second Life. Anyone with a free Cruxy.com account can load the player up with their uploaded music hosted on Cruxy via an automated, personalized XSPF playlist.

full info and slurl at: http://openvision.tv/blog/?p=145
Nada Epoch
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02-21-2007 11:13
i've got nothing. ;)