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Discussion: Open-Source Hyperteleportation

Hank Ramos
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08-18-2005 07:41
<Script Removed Due To Complaints About It Being a Trojan>
Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
08-20-2005 12:07
i've got nothing. ;)
Burke Prefect
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08-20-2005 18:26
That prolly could stand to be broken up. The only reall problem I see with compartmentalizing this is if a sim is gagging it might not be able to handle all of them.

if I can get my PC back into SL I'll give it a try.
ArchTx Edo
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11-10-2005 15:50
From: Hank Ramos
Here is a script that allows you to travel between sims at high-speed (hyper-teleportation) similiar to the ROAM system, but using a pseudo-pathfinding algorith that works totally inworld with no connection to the outside world. I provide it here for educational purposes, and for those who wish to continue development for the good of SL (donations are greatly appreciated, but who's gonna do that, lol)...

You can obtain a free, open-source version of this script in a ready-to-use attachment at my script shop in Grignano(100,100) ...

I got a free copy of Hank's PTP Teleporter from SLExhange, he also had one available for L$10 at Grigano. Note it is upgraded since the free offer was made above. It works great I think for teleporting over long distances from point to point. I am comparing it to my expeiences with ROAM in that regard, which reguires you pay a subscription. My experimenst with PTP today were as follows:

There is sometimes a lag between when you tell it to teleport and when it starts, so be patient. If your AV is not flying when it takes off, it tends to flaile its arms wildly while flying, which is amusing, but you can turn that off by clicking Fly.

Using PTP when not in Fly mode, it dropped me on the ground at the destination. No big deal, went splat, got up and had a good laugh. Using PTP in Fly mode, it left me hoovering at 999 meters above the ground at the destination. This may have been because I forgot I was wearing another Flight Assist device, Guardian, when i tested PTP. I will have to try it without it.

Occasionally while transporting my AV PTP would pauses or stop, making me think it had quite working, but if I waitedf several more seconds it would resum and continue on the trip. Sort of like it was pausing to calculate the next part ot the trip. So be patient, it will get you there soon enough.

I dont know what discussion cause Hank to remove his script from the library, but having tried it I'm pretty impressed and appreciative that he has made this available for free. Thanks Hank.

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