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Torley Linden
Join date: 15 Sep 2004
Posts: 16,530
09-18-2006 13:30
Resident Answers is a simple, friendly place to ask your fellow Residents of Second Life for help. This forum came about after many suggestions dating back a long time, so in recognition of how many knowledgeable Residents we have who want to help others, we decided it's time to do something about it!

So here's what you need to know:

* Any Resident can post and reply here. You don't need to be in one of our Volunteer Groups, although volunteering is appreciated.

* You can ask about stuff like ways to earn L$, land management tips, and newcomer questions if you're new to Second Life! We also have specific Content Creation forums, Technical Talk for troubleshooting, and Classifieds.

* Please remember Resident answers aren't official, but may link to official sources like our Knowledge Base. You can use our Support page to contact us.

* In addition to the forum Guidelines, abusive behavior here will result in permanent removal of access to this forum. Making posts which are deliberately unhelpful or disruptively off-topic will lead to being banned from Resident Answers. This is not a place for rants and disputes. It's easy to be nice. :)

We want to encourage a comfortable space for getting the help you're looking for, so don't be shy—go ahead and ask, and make some new friends too! :D
Strife Onizuka
Join date: 3 Mar 2004
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12-27-2006 23:02
Just a reminder if you didn't see the link for the Forum Guidelines above...

Forum Guidelines
Below is the abridged version, for easy reading.

The Forum Guidelines cover these topics (and others):

The bullet points in bold are ones that can get your a permanent record (the ones in red are really important). The second level bullet points are general comments on the rules.
  1. Terms of Service
    1. The ToS applies to the forums.

  2. Community Standards
    1. The CS applies to the forums and the forums are considered a PG zone.

  1. Private discussions
    1. keep them private, especially disputes

  2. Flaming, Spamming, Trolling
    1. do these at your own risk.

  3. Reposting
    1. if it wasn't appropriate the first time...

  4. Advertising
    1. only in the appropriate places.

  5. Think before you post
    1. try not to post things you wouldn't say at a job interview (or at the pearly gates).

  6. Post in appropriate places, for appropriate reasons
    1. we may move threads or lock threads if they are in the wrong place

That all said there are more to these bullet points then I have put here, I implore you to read the full guidelines as they go into further detail. If you do not read the full guidelines you run the risk of breaking one of the subparts of the above rules (which are less obvious).
Click Me--> Forum Guidelines <--Click Me

This post is by no means meant to replace, usurp power or redefine the Forum Guidelines; it is intended to help any reader get a better grasp of them and how they will be interpreted. This post oversimplifies the rules and it is important that you read them.

(how many more times can i put a link for the Forum Guidelines in this post?)
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