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Can't Post? READ THIS! (403 Forbidden, 404 Not Found errors) [Please Stickify ME]

Void Singer
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07-13-2009 21:32
there are Two Major Errors occurring on the forum right now that prevent posting, and here is how you can get around them

Step 1:
click , scroll to the bottom under "Miscellaneous Options" and choose "Basic Editor - A simple text box" from the drop down menu, then hit click "Save Changes"

Step 2:
if you still get an error when posting, be aware that the following combinations in your post will also cause this problem

a) the word "from" anywhere after the words "select" or "delete"

b) the words "set" or "copy" anywhere after "update"

c) the word "into" anywhere after the word "insert"

d) any relative directory references like "../"

e) a "<" followed by a non-breaking character (so put a space after it)

f) the word "code" also causes some problems that I couldn't trace, so you may want to use
 tags instead of 
 tags when posting code

Step 3:
if you still find an error after that, cut out lines of text until you find the offending line, and then check each word used in that line, to see which once causes the problem... then insert a period in the middle of it or misspell it purposes and post the "bad" word here, so others might avoid it too

this applies to thread titles too!
| . "Cat-Like Typing Detected"
| . This post may contain errors in logic, spelling, and
| . grammar known to the SL populace to cause confusion
| - Please Use PHP tags when posting scripts/code, Thanks.
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| -
Millie Thompson
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07-14-2009 13:11
Useful information, made sticky for RA forum.
Millie Thompson
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