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Where is the Forum Server PC and What is the Password?

Tegg Bode
FrootLoop Roo Overlord
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02-09-2010 00:38
Quotes: "Apparently, no one currently employed at LL knows the admin password for the forums.secondlife.com server, so they cannot disable logins or posts! The only person who knew the password had left employment over 2 years ago.ver wondered why they could not upgrade to a newer vB version ?

How about pulling the plug from that 486 PC that hosts the forums? Also saves them a lot of trouble of making it available as archive...

Well, that is the other problem - they're not sure where the server (PC) is located!"

I heard a bunch of Neko's have declared it a God and have it in a skybox temple above Jessie and the Password is "YourServerMyPassword111!"
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Ann Otoole
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02-09-2010 00:40
It is the platform the cat litter box is on in Cory's garage. But don't tell them. Let them spend all day hunting everywhere.
Mitzy Shino
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02-09-2010 00:43
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Katheryne Helendale
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02-09-2010 01:31
We buried it in the catbox. Happy digging! =^.^=
From: Debra Himmel
Of course, its all just another conspiracy, and I'm a conspiracy nut.

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Sling Trebuchet
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02-09-2010 04:27
From: Tegg Bode
I heard a bunch of Neko's have declared it a God and have it in a skybox temple above Jessie and the Password is "YourServerMyPassword111!"

I can confirm that it is over Jessie.

There is a tower at

It incorporates a Big Red Button

DO NOT ...... click the Big Red Button !!
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TammyTgurl Umaga
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02-09-2010 04:48
lol,that is too funny.

good work!!

I think LL needs a babysitter .......something tells me this person that has the location and password is having a giggle on his phone messages....

He should answer "Hay man Dave is not here,he is in the kitty crap hole praying to the server..."
Snickers Snook
Odd Princess - Trout 7.3
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02-09-2010 04:50
It's in a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER.

Buh-bye forums, it's been good ta know ya.
Lias Leandros
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02-09-2010 04:58
It's buried in a box in the Burning Man Desert

A little more to the right.

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bigmoe Whitfield
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02-09-2010 05:35
I could show them how to get it but do they really want to exploit there server is the question
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Salazar Jack
Nova Albion native
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02-09-2010 10:14
It's under Cheyenne Mountain. Sublevel 7. Left at the elevator and follow the blue line. Swipe your card at the second door on the left after you turn the first corner. Up the stairs and down the hall to the third door on the left. Pass through the first office and into the second inner office. Green cabinet. Second rack from the top. Password is "joshua."
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Nika Talaj
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02-09-2010 10:29
I don't know where it is, but I have deduced that the server name is "Leprosy".

This explains why they've been so reluctant to touch it over the years.

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Milla Janick
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02-09-2010 10:51

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Ceka Cianci
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02-09-2010 11:31
well while everyone was sleep..i took it :D
Couldbe Yue
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02-09-2010 11:44
From: Ceka Cianci
well while everyone was sleep..i took it :D

did you take the slu one too? that's been mia all of today so far..
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