04-01-2006 11:58
Three things you can be certain of in virtual reality: Second Life, Death, and Taxes! Don't forget, inworld taxes are due on April 17, 2006. Contact Bub Linden or Brent Linden for more details.

Sorry, we had to do something on April Fool's Day! Please do not contact support, a Liaison or any dead relatives in the spirit world regarding this APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE.

Outside the United States? No clue what all this tom foolery is about? Visit Wikipedia's page about the time-honored tradition of pulling one over on your friends, family and the residents of virtual worlds every year on the first of April.

We (kinda) feel bad about pulling your leg. Lucky for you, there ain't no tax. But we are giving away cool shirts. Visit Brent's plot in Ambleside for yours! Limit 1 per customer, don't be greedy!
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