01-27-2006 11:01
This week's update was delayed by lots and lots of work! :-) Sorry about that...


We found and addressed two problems with the 1.8.2(6) release in the optional update 1.8.2(7) on Thursday:

* Debug > Show Updates would crash the viewer when selected
* On systems where the Graphics Card Memory could not be detected, the default value (16MB) would be chosen

We were able to stop the Show Updates crash, but not fix the underlying cause. This will be addressed in an upcoming version.

In cases where we could not properly detect the correct amount of VRAM, we will now offer the choice to set the value to match your card. Of course, setting the value higher than your existing VRAM will cause poor performance.

Finally, some people were trying to use the "-noprobe" flag to solve the bug in 1.8.2(6). This should NOT be used as it prevents us from properly detecting hardware which may result in Second Life being unusable for that session. Be sure to remove this flag from your Second Life shortcut if you have tried it as a workaround!


We are working on fixes for the following issues for the next release of Second Life:

* Avatar hip movement looks wrong when using uploaded animations
* You should only be able to zoom in on a HUD attachment if you are in Edit mode
* Linked prim sometimes disappears after an object update (llSetColor, llSetLinkColor) in complex scripted objects
* System reports 256MB VRAM, but 128MB is selected for Graphics Card Memory instead and cannot be increased

It's always possible that we will NOT be able to fix these issues in the next release, but we're giving it our best!


The following is a list of known issues:

* Debug > Show Updates is broken (again!)
* llSetName doesn't update the inventory name of an attachment
* Parcel names should be truncated when exceeding alloted space in menu bar
* Bubble chat: Chat shouted by an avatar should go to the Chat Console
* Hitting ctrl-m while chatting causes you to shout
* World map UI overlaps some buttons
* llTargetOmega does not change spin rate of attachments
* Isabel Infohub doesn't have a map icon
* nVidia 5200 on Mac swaps texture mips
* Add link to Friends Online
* llAddToLandBanList() should be able to ban offline agents
* Grass is in front of alpha objects
* Black flashing rendering bug inside clouds
* IM window loses scroll bar on resize
* Changing Anisotropic Filtering or Shadows resizes the client
* llSetText on child prims disappears on attach
* Other user's classified ads are not visible in their profile
* Tooltip for torn off window icon is incorrect
* Fix Start Gesture or remove it from World menu
* Mouse clicks on Preference tabs should register even if your framerate is slow
* Should be at the same relative height after p2p teleport
* Estate Allow list is confusing
* Region combo box on world map doesn't work as expected
* Attachments detach and are left at border when crossing a region boundary
* Music control is in the wrong state after clicking the "Play Music" button
* Position, size, rotation changes are ignored while a single side is selected
* User-entered text in message when adding groups does not wrap
* Region Texture tool should block textures of incorrect size
* Texture picker's "apply automatically" unchecks when selecting the next object
* llSetText/Hover Text is scaled/fuzzy on HUD attachments
* Ground/terrain stays lit after deleting light source
* LSL attach callback not firing when script is in child prim
* Hud attachment changes ground textures on Mac
* prims with multiple colors to change the color on each face to that of face 0 when the transparency of the object changes
* Objects are momentarily visible at <0,0,0> before moving to their correct position
* Closing IM tab switches focus to the right, not the left
* Move tool should ignore "Use Grid" option
* Uploaded animations have incorrect name on the Mac
* Object scale jitters when scaled past 10m limit
* Red line in Statistics Bar > Packet Loss when fully expanded
* Preferences > Network > clear cache > Apply starts parcel music stream
* World map is at max zoom every session
* Popgun does not work after teleport to no-script land
* Viewer window reacts to cursor entering when not focused on Windows PC
* Cursor can go outside "Region" field in Map window after autocomplete
* Lighting on avatar seems to flicker at times when you are in the dark
* Avatar and vehicle wind up in a spin and stuck in ground for a few seconds when quickly crossing regions in a vehicle
* Avatar sinks into the ground, then is ejected and bounces across the sim due to a physics issue
* Received notecards should open on login
* Texture all sides on multi prim object fails with latencey
* Some locations in sim have no about land information
* Double stream of particles sometimes shown when editing an object
* Cannot see another avatar's jacket's change of upper fabric until lower fabric selected
* Find tool Region should have auto-complete, just like the map
* Last letter of group name lost when naming group "GroupX" or "GroupY"
* Attachment prims 'go missing' when crossing region boundaries
* Tools > Make Joint appears enabled when not building