07-17-2007 03:02
There is a new piece of conceptual art in SL that I am hearing people are discovering by accident, so I thought I'd post it.

I created a set of jewelry called "Ode To Caledon", or what has become "Ode" for short. It is an homage to the Victorian community events where individuals and families would gather in the fields outside their towns during the spring and summer butterfly migrations. There they would catch butterflies for their collections. Think parasols, picnics and a darwinian fascination with a wide variety of newly discovered species.

The first Ode butterfly hunt was orchestrated by the artist AutopilotPatty Poppy at her gallery in Caledon. Although the hunt went as intended, Patty conceived of putting the jewelry pieces inside butterflies that wandered around her property. This practice still happens, but there are also many decoys among the butterflies of substance. So I am told the hunts are quite the challenge.

Since that time a few months ago an open group was formed by one of the collectors who called it "Ode Butterfly Hunters". At this moment there are 49 members. They are a trading group helping one another build full sets of jewelry of a single color. Announcements of current hunts and new species go to them. Those who are online at the time of migration announcements go off to hunt, often spur of the moment and dropping whatever else they might be doing to get first picks for their butterfly collection.

There are 19 color variations of Ode at this moment; some much more rare than others. They are:

Ode for Baby Blue
Ode in Amber
Ode in Amber and Crimson
Ode in Amber and Emerald
Ode in Amber and Rose
Ode in Crimson and Golden
Ode in Crimson and Scarlet
Ode in Emerald
Ode in Emerald and Rose
Ode in Lavender and Rose
Ode in Living Ivory
Ode in Navy
Ode in Navy and Crimson
Ode in Navy and Emerald
Ode in Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
Ode in Platinum
Ode in Salmon and Peach
Ode in Shades of Golden
Ode in Twilight

Each set has 8 pieces, making a total 152 pieces you may find. The difficult part is getting all of one color set to match.

The largest hunt by far has been the one put on at the IBM SOA sim last month. There is more information about Ode to Caledon and the IBM SOA hunt on http://randomcalliope.blogspot.com.

Do feel free to join in the fun.