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mousehelddown - get more from touches

Goapinoa Primeau
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12-04-2006 10:52
//Enhanced Touch Events 

// Using this simple script you can define something to happen when the prim is touched (as normal),
// Also something to happen when the mouse is held down on the prim for a period of time. : )

//global declarations

integer touchcount= 0; //set count zero
integer max = 20; //how many touches will fire before we fire mousehelddown.

//stuff to do when the mouse is held down on the prim
llSay(0,"someones held the mouse down on me!");



touch_start(integer total_number)
// you can use this event just as normal, if you wish
touch(integer num)
touchcount++; //increment touchcount
if(touchcount>max) //check if touchcount is more than our max
touchcount=0; //reset the count
mousehelddown(); //run the mousehelddown code, see above
touch_end(integer num_detected)
touchcount=0; //reset counter

Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
12-05-2006 08:22
i've got nothing. ;)