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WANTED: Inventory for "Theme Packs" / Get Linden Dollars

Lauren Linden
Linden Lab Employee
Join date: 1 Feb 2005
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01-13-2006 19:10
Hello Residents! Linden Lab wants to create a few "theme packs" to offer new residents, and we need your help! Please drop me inventory items that you've created that may fit one of the following 5 themes:

"Starter Home" Pack
Think: Low-prim house with scripted doors, basic furniture like sofas & beds, security system, fireplace kit, gardening kit, etc.

"Xtreme!" Pack

Think: Sky-diving equipment, skateboard with scripts, snowboard/ski outfit, skate ramp, etc.

"Start a Business" Pack
Think: A slot machine, an outdoor marketplace structure, (help me out with this one).

"Social/Chat" Pack

Think: Gestures & poses, conversation-starting outfits, dance animations, a fire pit for long conversations, one of those keyboards that some savvy SLers use instead of "air typing"... again, help!

"Wack" Pack
Think: Exploding chicken, funny gestures and animations, weird costumes. I have a feeling that this will be a popular category. Bring it on, SL!


--Each new resident will only receive one pack, so please try to submit all kinds of things (props, vehicles, script-enabled stuff, outfits) for just one category. The Xtreme pack, for example, should include an outfit, some scripted objects, and maybe some gestures and poses--a comprehensive pack that will help acclimate a new resident to SL.

--You may submit as many items as you'd like, including just one. I will check them all out.

--Each item that is selected for the promotional pack will become copy-able but not transferable or modifiable.

--Each item that is selected will be exchanged for: L$2000 and owner credit on the SL website.

--You may submit an item that you are currently selling. It does not need to be original, but you must be the creator.

--When submitting your item to me, please put the "pack type" and your name in the title of the object.

Questions? Email me (lauren@lindenlab.com) for specific questions or post to this thread if you think others are wondering. I will respond.

Rock out!
Helen Quatro
Cephalopod Overlord
Join date: 6 Sep 2005
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01-14-2006 07:49
I was wondering about this statement: "Each item that is selected for the promotional pack will become copy-able but not transferable or modifiable."

Does that mean that items you submit can not become tranferable or modifiable? I have a pair of wings that I would normally sell with copy/mod permissions, and I was interested in submitting them. It's fairly important that they are modifiable however, because they come desaturated so as to be coloured by their owners.
Nada Epoch
The Librarian
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01-14-2006 10:16
The Discussion for this thread can be found here, in the scripting tips forum.
i've got nothing. ;)