11-16-2004 05:33
I kept hearing complaints from friends that they cant find a decent poseball script that is both:
a. free
b. easy to configure (for the technicly challenged)

So I decided to make one. :P

You can get it either from this very pose, or by just being lazy and fetching a copy I made from this location:

Script-Foo! - Apukohai (167, 22)

This poseball script has the following features:
1)Everything (well, almost everything) can be configured via a notecard.
2)Has voice commands or touch support. You toggle.
3)Will always listen to link_message commands, letting you combine it in a link-set for various evil hackish purposes. (a script that toggle on and off certain balls, or using them to turn the balls on and off using touch on a root prim, etc)
4)There's enough error-handling to feed an army, and it has default settings to use incase something goes borked (bad notecard syntax, missing notecard, missing pose/animation).
5)It doesnt make coffee.