04-12-2005 21:16
First off, I just want to thank everyone who has submitted a thread, or taken part in one of the discussions, this is what makes me love SL so much. :D

Ok so over the next couple days/weeks, i am going to go through all the threads in ea copy of the current threads and place them in the scripting tips forum, and then delete everything but the scripts and addendums from the original creators.

Posters, if a script has a discussion thread, then all your comments will go there. If it doesn't then feel free to keep posting in the scripting library thread.

Owners, you are free to edit your original scripts once they have been moderated, and you will be able to add posts to the threads in the script library. Ideally, as something good develops in the discussion threads, you will then post it to your thread in the script forums.
i've got nothing. ;)