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SLurl maker

Silje Russell
lsl geek
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12-01-2006 03:03
small script to help making slurl on the fly


touch_start(integer t)
string regionname = llDumpList2String(llParseString2List(llGetRegionName(),[" "],[]),"%20");
vector pos = llGetPos();
integer x = (integer)pos.x;
integer y = (integer)pos.y;
integer z = (integer)pos.z;

Yes i know i got typos..
I got writing and reading problems.
but i am still a humen!!
Nada Epoch
The Librarian
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Discussion Thread
12-01-2006 09:40
i've got nothing. ;)
Phryne Cannned
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SLurl to active chat box?
12-02-2006 08:13
I am using a HUD based slurl tool to get the addresses but it, like the others i have seen so far just report the address into ownersay and to get it to anyone else you have to copy paiste, which gets tricky if your chat history is moving at all... Is there a way to script it to report the address to the active chat box ?
Dallas Prudhomme
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What does this do?
12-07-2006 09:09
Thanks for posting it... just not sure what it is or how to apply it. Thanks again