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Auto-Die if left on public land

Christopher Omega
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06-23-2003 22:50
Heres a little thing I rigged up while thinking about Ope's predicament (in General Discussion forms).


integer gCount;
integer gDieAt = 999; //tunable
float gInterval = 10; //seconds (also tunable)

if(llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos()) == NULL_KEY)
if(gCount >= gDieAt) llDie();
gCount ++;
gCount = 0;

This code will check every ten seconds what the land owner is at the current object's position. If the land is public (land owner = NULL_KEY), it adds one to count. If it isnt, it resets the count (just incase the object is a vehicle that just moved over some public land that one instance.)

created by christopher omega

EDIT: Xerahn VonLenard, ty so much... Adding >= to the if(gCount >= gDieAt) is definately more stable then if(gCount == gDieAt)... just in case the sim hiccups. Ty so much for the input.
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Xerahn VonLenard
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Discussion Thread
07-01-2003 11:17
Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread:
04-25-2005 09:18
i've got nothing. ;)
Francis Chung
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04-27-2005 05:28

Is it really necessary to bump every single obsolete thread from the library, Nada?

I think the last time I ever saw public land WAS in 2003 :p
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RacerX Gullwing
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05-09-2005 07:32
I am renting land from an absent landlord so when some noob drops a mack truck on the property it's there till I get him to come back and move it. Wish I'd had him make me an administrator before he disapeard. I just built a new elevated deck on my pier to make a path over the latest 12 seater monstrosity.
Wish we had a script in every huge vehicle that would check maybe once a day to see if it's on someone else's property. Then have it die if its been there a day. Of course it would only be good for a copyable vehicle but still
would be a good script for all vehicle makers to toss in. Even better than the lost come get me once a day. Most noobs need a carrot on a string in front of them to find there way back to a specific place.