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Universal Prim Torture Script

Strife Onizuka
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01-06-2005 20:24
Prim Torture Made Easy (sort of)

Q: What is Prim Torture?
A: Prim Torture is the art of using shape changes to produce shapes that are otherwise impossible.

Q: How does prim torture work?
A: All prims share the same attributes, even if the attributes can't be directly modified (in the prims current shape) they are still responsible for the shape of the prim. By using multiple shape changes these otherwise hidden attributes can be set.

The trouble with torturing prims through scripts is that it requires constantly changing complex llSetPrimitiveParams calls. There are 13 different shape changes that can be done, with about 8 different syntax's total. To complicate the things SL has restrictions on some shape changes that will result in the prim being deleted instead of the change going through. Each of the 13 shape changes results in restrictions being applyed to the attributes; each with it's own unique restrictions.

Never close the script window when torturing prims, it can be annoying to loose prim settings while torturing them do to object deletion. To help minimize this from happening the script passes safe values when it knows they will later be overwritten.

Find the code on the wiki.
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Fearsum Vellhi
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syntax error
02-18-2007 10:22
Trying to play with the universal torture script, but getting a syntax error on line 170, col 32:

n = n | (llList2Integer(recDef, llListFindList(recType,
[[[llAbs|llAbs]](m)])) & 0xFFFFF);

Any ideas what the problem could be? I did a straight copy & paste from the Wiki.