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Round to..

Haravikk Mistral
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11-21-2005 12:18
I'm surprised that the LSL llRound() function doesn't already do this, but I've written a simple function for rounding a number to x decimal places.

string Round2String (float x, integer decPlaces) {
integer int = (integer) x;
integer remainder = llRound((x - int) * llPow(10,decPlaces));
if (!remainder) return (string)int;
return (string)int+"."+(string)remainder;

Simply feed it in the form of:

Round2String(3.9221312,2) = 3.92
Round2String(1.532, 1) = 1.5
Round2String(1.032932, 3) = 1.033

The answer returned is a string as I find that most useful, it can however be adapted to give out integers or floats quite happily.

Dunno if anyone's found a better way?
Nada Epoch
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11-22-2005 13:12
i've got nothing. ;)