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Open Source Interoperability Framework

Khemical Stonecutter
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03-02-2007 07:16
In the spirit of "release early, release often", I'm making available some key components of the LSL implementation of the Fractally Unified Network Knowledgesphere(FUNK). FUNK is a dynamic, distributed, scalable information environment where humans and programs can collaborate on exchanging, processing and storing information. The specifications for FUNK are at http://www.funkencode.com/spec .

The current release implements the FUNK Encoding and Remote Action Packets(RAP) specifications. In addition to their use in FUNK, in LSL the encoding scripts are also good for passing parameters, untyped variables, lists containing lists and associative arrays. RAP provides a consistent format for inter-object messaging both in-world and external. A video of RAP in action with Croquet is available at http://croquet.funkencode.com/2007/02/24/black-and-white-people/

You can download these scripts from http://lsl.funkencode.com
Nada Epoch
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03-06-2007 03:20
i've got nothing. ;)