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script to notify you when your land sells

Angel Fluffy
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08-05-2006 12:47
In reponse to Diamondback Deckard's question in SL answers about land management tools, I created this script :


integer ctime = 10;

llSay(0, "Online. Will check every "+(string)ctime+" seconds. If land owner is NOT the same as object owner, will message object owner with location and 'your land sold' message, and self delete.");

timer() {
if (llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos()) == llGetOwner()) {
// object owner matches land owner
} else {
// object owner does NOT match land owner!
llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(),"Your land at "+(string)llGetRegionName()+":"+(string)llGetPos()+" has been sold. The new buyer may be : "+llKey2Name(llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos()))+" (if this fails, a group now has it).");


It's very simple : it simply sends you an IM when your land is sold to someone else, then deletes itself. I've NOT tested it AT ALL, so I make no assurances AT ALL that it will work. It's intended to be more of an idea than anything else - if it works, consider that a bonus :)
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Nada Epoch
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08-05-2006 20:19
i've got nothing. ;)