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Transfering large amounts of data between scripts via chat

Strife Onizuka
Join date: 3 Mar 2004
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05-12-2004 07:01
Say you wanted to transfer a huge amount of data between two scripts. Lets say 4k worth...

Instead of using a function like this that breaks it up into little chunks pass it all at once through the object name. i have used this to pass little under 8k.

Don't use:

sendchat(string msg)
integer a;
integer b=llStringLength(msg);

use this:

sendchat(string msg)
string a=llGetObjectName();

so in your script just swap the listen message and name it listens. And you can move any amount you want...


state default
listen(integer c, string msg, key object_id, string object_name)
// your code...

EDIT: added a bit of extra code, and changed the topic title to better represent the topic.
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Adam Zaius
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05-12-2004 09:00
Another option, is to use email, you can send 4096 characters[?] between objects - plus the subject.

Xylor Baysklef
Scripting Addict
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05-12-2004 17:38
*nod* I used to use this technique as an extra 'channel' for passing data, however there are two problems to this. First, if you are sending data across a sim line, the name is truncated to 63 characters. Second, this functionality will probably be going away soon, since this is actually using what the Lindens consider a 'bug'. (I asked them about this a week or so ago, and it was hinted that this will be 'fixed' soon).

It was a great technique for getting around the 255 character limit, but I wouldn't start using it, since you'd have to go back and change your protocol once it is 'fixed'. =/

Ming Chen
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05-26-2004 14:35
just wait for XML_RPC...just wait...