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Phantom Alpha Door or Wall

ArchTx Edo
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09-13-2006 12:12
This script uses voice/chat passwords on private channel 5 to make a door or wall open/close and lock/unlock. You can give the passwords to anyone you want to be able to access the door.

Shazam = 0pen/unlocked: wall is invisible and you can walk through it.
Presto = Closed/Locked, alpha shows all of texture and you cannot walk through it.

//Phantom Alpha Door or Wall by ArchTx Edo
//This script uses voice-chat commands to make a door or wall open/close and lock/unlock using voice/chat commands on channel 5.

//llListen(5,"",llGetOwner(),""); //only owner can change it.
llListen(5,"","",""); //anyone can change it.
listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg)

llSetAlpha(1,ALL_SIDES);//1.0 shows all of the texture, no transparency.
llSetStatus (STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); //FALSE object collides with others (is not phantom), you cannot walk thru it.
llSetAlpha(0,ALL_SIDES);//0.0 shows none of the texture, it is transparent.
llSetStatus (STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); //TRUE object does not collide with others (is phantom), you can walk thru it.

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Nada Epoch
The Librarian
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Discussion Thread
09-13-2006 20:05
i've got nothing. ;)
Jesseaitui Petion
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09-13-2006 20:07
Wow cool, thanks
Meghan Eldrich
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09-14-2006 04:11
That's a nice verbal way of doing things... But how about a non-verbal access list system that isn't laggy with listeners for opening doors and so forth?.. This would work for that, I whipped this up in like 5 minutes not 100% tested but it should work and not cause to much SIM lag.


integer iAccessList = FALSE; // Set this to TRUE use the access list method
integer iOwnerOnly = FALSE; // Set this to TRUE to make door OWNER only

// If using access list fill in your names here....
list AccessNames = [
"Joe Smith",
"Meghan Eldrich",
"John Doe"

collision_start(integer n)
// See if the collider is an agent (don't open for prims...
if (llDetectedType(0) & AGENT)
// Test here to see if we are OWNER ONLY and if the collider is an owner
if (iOwnerOnly && llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner()) { return;}
string x = llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0));
// Check if we're using an access list, if we are look for the person, if we're the owner
// Let us in even if we're not in the bloody access list. If collider isn't the owner
// and isn't in the guest list, don't open the door.
if (iAccessList && llListFindList(AccessNames, [x]) < 0 && llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner()) { return;}
// Set the alpha to 0, set the status to phantom and start a 1 second timer..
llSetAlpha(0, ALL_SIDES);
llSetTimerEvent(1); // 1 second timer, you can change this to a higher value if desired.
llSetAlpha(1, ALL_SIDES);

Markus Brendel
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03-24-2007 14:02
Meghan, Worked great for me. Thanks alot!