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Makes the wind work on physical objects.

Goapinoa Primeau
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09-07-2006 17:55
// Wind affects avatar clothing/hair, trees, and can affect particles and flexible prims.
// Wind "naturally" (programatically) varies in velocity and direction.
// Wind does not cause friction. (from the wiki)
// This script takes the vector returned by llWind, which represents the
// speed and direction of the wind at the current position (it doesnt' use any
// offset hence 'ZERO_VECTOR'),
// and applys an impulse to the object to match it, simulating the impulse that
// would be applied by the wind.
// It doesnt really work well unless youre object is small/light enough to be actually
// moved by the impulse. Otherwise it tends to just sit there and vibrate.
// Of course the '/35' is the result of my own experimentation, you will probably
// want to play with this value until it suits your own object.



Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
09-10-2006 13:32
i've got nothing. ;)
Howie Lament
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09-19-2006 23:55
Is it okay to make a script massively self-reset like this? I'd normally use a timer loop instead...