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In-World Script Library Proposal

Azrael Baphomet
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09-29-2005 08:27
Having just purchased some property and having thought about ways I can help perform a public service in SL I've come up with the following idea: I'd like to establish an in-world script library for SL. I'm willing to shoulder the entire burden of this (categorizing scripts, building the library, etc) because it's something that hasn't been tried before (as far as I know) and because it's giving me a reason to build an simple AIML interpreter in LSL (to allow something like natural language access to the library's Librarian...right now an .AIML file called Scryptkeeper).

I don't want to raid the various scripts that have been donated to this library without the permission of the authors, and I want to make sure any IP issues are respected, so I'm asking any and all authors interested in participating to either post new and interesting scripts they want to share to this thread, or to post links to scripts they've previouslys given the library. With each post, please write a brief (several lines at most) description of the code, the preferred name for the file, the author's name (real or SL) and any terms of distribution/usage/licensing attached to the script.

In return, all I ask is patience. As I've got a lot of external world responsibilities right now, this is going to be something I have to do piecemeal. I'll periodically update you on the progress of the project (hopefully once a week, but no promises) on this thread.

Thanks, and I look forward to any and all contributions.
Nada Epoch
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Discussion thread
09-30-2005 14:14
i've got nothing. ;)
Cletus Fardel
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10-05-2005 08:36
This is an awesome idea. Good luck *wink*