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Simple Show/Hide Script

Sean Playfair
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10-22-2006 20:06
I spent forever looking for a script with just a show hide feature for the objects I've started building, but had no luck here in the forum, or in game. So with the little programming experience I have, I looked up the SL scripting site and put together this little bit of script that will let you hide and show your poseballs or other objects with a simple channel check and typing either "show" or "hide". I'm sure others are better, and many are available in some circles, but I just decided to post this for anyone else that needed a quick, usefull script.


llSetAlpha(1.0, ALL_SIDES);

llSetAlpha(0, ALL_SIDES);

// listen on channel zero for any chat spoken by the object owner.

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)

message = llToLower(message);

if(message == "show")
if(message == "hide")

You can change the channel to listen for to every channel by changing llListen(1,"",NULL_KEY,"";) to llListen(0,"",NULL_KEY,"";). You can also change the "1" to any channel number you wish. Just copy and past into a new script and make any changes. Enjoy.
Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
10-22-2006 21:02
i've got nothing. ;)
Lucy Rust
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hide show
02-15-2008 18:20
This makes the root prim alpha, but not an object. Is there an easy way around this?