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Talk Like A Pirate Day - pirate translation script

Kiwini Oe
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09-19-2006 08:15
Vier Zamin and EZ Martin created a script and are hosting a service to allow in-world translations to pirate talk. They plopped the script into a parrot, wore on the shoulder, and it translates your chat channel to pirate. Check it out!


From the link
September 19th is Speak Like a Pirate Day. In honor of this festive occasion, I would like to offer the following service. A PHP script hosted on our servers that translates "normal" speak into piratespeak, and a matching Second Life script that uses the service for in-world translation.

Here's how it works. You talk to the parrot on a private channel. It speaks your words in piratespeak outloud.

To make your own pirate parrot...
  1. first, get a parrot. I got mine on Parrot Island.
  2. Put the pirate script into the parrot.
  3. Give the parrot an appropriate name.
  4. Wear the parrot on your shoulder.
  5. Prefix your chat messages with /741 so the parrot can hear you.


key speakerKey;
key requestid;
llListen(741, "", llGetOwner(), "");

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
speakerKey = id;
message = llToLower(message);
requestid = llHTTPRequest("http://donnigan.clearink.net/lslpirate/index.php?input="+llEscapeURL(message),[HTTP_METHOD,"GET"],"");

http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body)

Nada Epoch
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09-19-2006 08:46
See the original post at http://www.clearnightsky.com/node/256
i've got nothing. ;)
Vares Solvang
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09-19-2006 09:52
Ar, tank ye fer ta script matey! I be havin loads a fun wit it.